365 of 42…Day 3

Friendship…to say I’ve been through it the past couple of years is an understatement. Between medical emergencies, including a heart attack, a divorce, losing a job of about 18 years off and on it’s been a lot.

However; there’s been a lot of good too. I survived said heart attack, I found another job, I met a good man, and number one priority those two who call me mom have loved me through all of it and I’ve been the best mom I can be to them.

I’m still growing, evolving but one thing keeps going through my mind. My support system. The women who let me cry, vent, talk about my fears and who I laughed with. The women who loved me no matter what.

I’m so grateful for these women. For Alanon and for a sponsor who valued my life more than I did at times. Times I wanted to give up. Times I knew it would never get better. They were right…life did get better.

I’m nowhere close to feeling 100% confident in my life. I’m still walking through change, growth and my new normal as a ex Type A but the adventure is so worth it.

These are just some of the women who mean so much to me. The women I owe so much to. My tribe. I’m hoping over this year of 42 to continue to grow and evolve. I hope to continue to blog my truths. The good, the bad…all of it.


Your Thoughts?

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