365 of 42…Day 4

LEGO’s and falling asleep in the bath….

I promised the boy I’d finish his LEGO’s spaceship thing from Star Wars tonight and I did. Last time I tried to complete a large LEGO adventure I cried, I cursed, and I wished he (the boy) was a girl as the girl never wanted LEGO’s. Anyhow, this time it was actually relaxing for me. Like a way to unwind because I do too much still to this day and I doubt anytime soon I’ll get better at saying no. So I did, I relaxed and then I knew that a nice hot bath would make the night even more perfect &…….

I so fell asleep in the tub to be woken up by the boy who had to use the bathroom. Was it the LEGO’s or lack of slow down that helped me fall asleep? I will never know. I’m not saying falling asleep in the tub is ok, it’s not. I’m saying by letting go of being type a somewhat I was able to enjoy LEGO’s and what people call a relaxing bath.

Until tomorrow. (I so made this)


Your Thoughts?

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