365 of 42…Day 1

I’m 42. It’s kinda surreal with all I’ve gone through since I thought “This is 40” would be a great year to blog and BAM little things like a Heart Attack and well the year went down hill BUT after some time life’s turning around. SO…….

Live it. Live life. The good, the bad, the ugly of it and don’t candy coat for social media. My mind is off sometimes. I’m my worst critic and I’ve found I have so much to work on and I’ve also found so many great things about me. Shocking, I know that I see what others see too at times. So sit back, relax and let’s see how the next 364 days go. You’ll see how my mind works and what makes me happy, sad, and all in-between.

Today I bring you a successful follow up to moi trying to pose on a pole. This time I didn’t smash my face into it. Winning! Happy 42nd to me!!!


Your Thoughts?

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