Not My Proudest Moment

I did this. I ripped the potty chart in half. He got off the potty went to his room and I crushed his Disneyland dreams ripping the chart in half. I had a mommy melt down.

Luckily I have a thirteen year old who knew I didn’t mean to be a dream crusher and she fixed said chart.

The boy then pooped in the potty.

I’ll never win. Children don’t come with manuals and no two are alike and even 10 years after having a easy to potty train child I don’t know it all and luckily I never claim to. So tonight I buy more pull ups. He may be a peeing champion but pooping is a whole other adventure.

Tomorrow is another day.



5 thoughts on “Not My Proudest Moment

  1. Thanks for keeping it real. Not every moment with the kids is a bright and shining example of perfect parenthood, and I have certainly had my share of mommy meltdowns, too.

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