Mason Jar Lanterns

I don’t want to be that person with the front enclosed patio they love but never use.  I want to read, roast marshmallows, enjoy the kids, etc. so I am trying to complete my vintage feel patio.

I have tons of mason jars so I took a couple and turned them into tea light lanterns and I recycled tissue paper to do this project.  Super easy to because if this Un-Domestic Goddess can do it anyone can.

What you need…

Mason Jar(s)

Tissue Paper

Craft Glue..that dries clear

Twine…I used the blue/white striped one

Old plate or paper plate

Your fingers, yes no need to waste a brush, enjoy be a kid!

What you do…

I started by taking the tissue paper and shredding it into pieces.

I then took a dab of blue around the edges and applied it to the mason jar like a disheveled puzzle.

Then I took more glue on my finger and made sure everything was flat.  There was a lot of glue.

Let it dry.

Once it dried I took the twine.  Added a bit of glue to the end and applied to the jar, wrapping around until it looked clean.

Finally I trimmed above the twine to make sure no tissue was showing.

End Result…

patio patioa patiob



Your Thoughts?

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