Really? You care?

I thought we had the bullying behind us though it creeps it’s head from time to time.  For instance….my daughter breaking down about a week ago but she’s afraid to make friends because she was betrayed and bullied last year.  She said she didn’t even trust adults because well, adults failed her as well.

This got to me.  I guess it’s also National Anti-Bullying Month so some of those who bullied her are all for RIP pages for children who committed suicide from bullying.  These bullies themselves.  I believe to get a lot of likes on facebook and not because they care.  Where were they when my daughter was bullied by more than 200 students at her school?  Oh yeah they were bullying her.  Theres one girl for instance who made fun of my daughters weight and she’s wanting to do a anti-bullying poster campaign at the middle school she used to attend.  Really? After what she said???

The sad thing is that she found out how many of her “friends” were talking about her.  Someone apologized to her because they said they were doing it too but realized she wasn’t mean like people were saying.  Why was my daughter mean you ask???

Well, my daughter was hit by a teacher during the orientation at her school and again the week after it started.  Another teacher brought up to her whole class if anyone had been talked down to by him anything they didn’t feel right being done to them by him and she said she’d been hit.  There were witnesses to the events.  At this point she felt safe.  Turns out he was the popular teacher because he helped the numbers at this school and so parents who told me he was verbally abusive looked the other way and students with the help of the teacher who admitted to hitting her started bullying her.  Complete strangers blaming her.

Sick….Sick that people looked the other way…..sick that her friends to fit in abandoned her….sick that people pretended to like her just to make her feel worse…Just sick.

My daughter started a new school this year and on the 1st day received a call that she was a mistake from the abortion clinic and that she got the teacher fired.  REALLY??????  Again, this teacher admitted to touching my child!

I don’t care if people get upset that I’ve posted this.  What parents defend a teacher because of money for a school?  What students think it’s OK to bully a child who already feels alone from a situation that should have been done in private and not in front of a whole class by a teacher who I believe had it out for the other teacher?

My daughter will heal and get the help she needs and is at a smaller school that is Anti Bullying with an amazing principal.  One who listens.  It took a death threat for the principal last year to listen, a death threat.

I hope these kids who are so anti bullying really mean it and stop bullying kids to fit in.  My daughter was lucky.  The two girls who’ve taken their lives since September weren’t so lucky.

Do something, talk to your kids about the importance of standing up for their friends no matter what.  My daughter was abandoned.  I get the whole trying to fit in during the first year of middle school but I wonder if those kids knew what it did to her if they’d do it again.  Again for a teacher who admitted to touching her.  No adult ever should touch a child or verbally abuse them in a school setting or anywhere.

My hope is to do more to make the reality of bullying real and not just a story on the news or facebook.  Bullying happens more than people realize and it’s sad when parents find out their child was a bully.  I don’t think parents raise their children to be bullies.  I really feel a lot of it is their own insecurities and taking it out on someone they feel would be an easy target, someone insecure themselves.  How sad it is to feel better people really do damage another and their soul even.

Lets really put a stop to bullying.  It won’t happen over night but really making people aware could be a start.


One thought on “Really? You care?

  1. I think that a lot of people think bullying is something other people do, that it has to involve a kid actually being beaten to a pulp, with marks and everything. Kids making phone calls, cyberbullying, shunning, or spreading rumors somehow are okay because they don’t leave visible marks on the victim. And if they participate in these activities from time to time, well, “The kid deserved it,” or “They got out of line,” or whatever. The other person is not a real person to them, just an object to pummel or manipulate in order to improve their own social status. If the perpetrator felt their victim was a real person, they’d realize how wrongly they’ve acted, but somehow they don’t equate the person they’ve victimized with the people who’ve–unfortunately due to the severity of the cases–received national attention forth the bullying they’ve received.

    I’m so glad that the new school is an improvement. If such a large number of kids participated in a bullying campaign, clearly there is a troubled climate at the school. Your situation has been eyeopening for me, especially since my child will hopefully be entering middle school in the fall.

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