Days 6 & 7…

So, I will not apologize if it takes me a couple of days to add a post. I used to do that, BUT now I can see that I am still contributing to my blog. I’ve been having migraines and other issues, and it could be stress, it could be finding out I am autistic, it could be my FMD, and I have been resting a lot.

What I did want to bring up was…SOUNDS! I notice some sounds do get to me. I hate the sounds of cars racing down the street, I can’t stand motorcycles, and the fireworks that are shot off in my neighborhood quite often get to me too. I joke with my partner that when we move, we will move to a street with no motorcycles or people who feel the need to race down a residential street and do donuts at the intersection. I cannot handle it, and it does put me on edge.

I see my doctor tomorrow and will be bringing up what I have been feeling as well as the new sense of overwhelm since I have been diagnosed with autism. So, until tomorrow…

Your Thoughts?

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