I’m Back…

I missed my blog and after some work with WordPress I was able to get my domain back and I just lost all that I put into my blog over the past 9 years.

I wasn’t told to end my blog or delete it but I felt threatened enough to do so.

However; I need this blog as a way to heal.  My followers are generic, I don’t use names, and I don’t feed it into any social media.  If people don’t like what they read they don’t need to read my blog.

I’m going to blog more on my living adventures and though they may be messy I’m growing.  For instance I learned recently that you can meet someone who you can feel so comfortable with but because of the damage after multiple years in a past relationship you self sabotage any hope of that growing.  I’ve learned that comes with regret but I’ve learned that even though it makes me sad I know that if I had that feeling again it will happen again.  I’m learning how to move on as a single mom with a heart condition.

I don’t know where this blog will go but I know that I did so much with my blog before from PCOS support to yummy recipes that I’ve made Gluten & Dairy Free to the UPs and DOWNs of motherhood with a 10 year gap between kids to Heart Attacks and living with Heart Disease and yes, Surviving Divorce and starting to understand Depression when you don’t have it or understand it.  My blog was so much more than me healing and I want it back.  Even if for a bit I change the way I do it.

So stay tuned….I’m back and it feels good to have my blog again!


2 thoughts on “I’m Back…

  1. For what it’s worth, I enjoy reading your blog entries. They always make me think about things. We have a lot of similarities – you and I. Sort of parrallel paths in life. XOXOXO

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