The Bathing Suit Won

Yesterday I wore a bathing suit. I know not a big deal but it is. It is for me. I gained 100 lbs from PCOS. I tried all ways to lose the weight and was even a test subject at Cedars Sinai. I was so grateful to be a test subject. 

I ended up having Gastric Bypass in 2007. Since then I’ve lost the 100 lbs and kept it off. 

The downside is I see my body the way it was when I look in the mirror and and I’ve acquired extra skin. I don’t have the money to have it removed and I’ve started trying to accept my body for how it is. I’ve had two kids and Weightloss surgery and I’m not 16 years old. 

I’ve seen other women who I think have great bodies with their flaws and it does help me. They find themselves beautiful and really, I am too. 

So yesterday I wore this. I actually like how this photo came out as well. It’s about progress and each day I’m loving my body more and more. 



Your Thoughts?

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