The Day I Gave Into Store Bought Cupcakes…

Was a beautiful day. OK it was really 9pm and I went to Ralph’s to acquire all I needed for Cake Pops to impress those three and four year olds at daycare. You know those kids who’d stop me and thank me for the awesome cake pops.

Instead I came to my senses and the Cupcake Gods blessed me with one final pack of Smurf Cupcakes and a four pack of gourmet ones.

I was at peace. A new calm had come over me like never before. I didn’t care that I wasn’t baking from scratch. The kids were still getting their fill of sugar and my little Superhero who was turning four only cared that he was getting a cupcake at school and that he was being celebrated.

In the end it was a win/win for all.



Your Thoughts?

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