She’s only 13 & She’s so correct!

Here’s a rant but a positive one from my 13 year old daughter. Love that she’s comfortable in her own skin. Trust me there are off days but for the most part, I’d say 90% of the time this is really dead on to what she feels….

Over the past year, I have seen many girls want to be just like they see in magazines. They want to be super skinny with a thigh gap and a flat stomach… now a new trend. The “Bikini Bridge”. This new trend is the girl’s bikini bottom rested on protruding hip bones, revealing a space between the swimsuit and her stomach, this the bikini ‘bridge’. It’s so disgusting and horrible how many teens go on strict diets like a 500 calorie limit a day or even skipping meals just to be thin and develop these ‘trends’.

I for one have never been fond of these, although a few months ago I had wanted the thigh gap because I didn’t like my thighs. I do not call myself overweight nor do I call myself a stick. I am comfortable with my weight and clothing size. I don’t understand how so many girls fall into wanting these things, they’re only giving them-self a disease like an eating disorder. It’s so astonishing that about 86% of teens feel less confident about their bodies after surfing the social media we have. I don’t feel like these trends should be trends whatsoever.

Yeah, there had been a time where I wasn’t happy with my weight, but I outgrew that because I realized that I didn’t need a thigh gap or a flat stomach to be considered quote on quote perfect. I was perfect just the way I was. And so from reading my Teen Vogue Magazine and reading about this new trend, I was just so disgusted. I don’t understand how perfectly fine teenager girls take their life and put themselves in harm and such strict diets just so be considered “perfect” in the society in our generation. I have seen so many girls eat a healthy diet and workout and they slimmed out and maintained their weight. So why put yourself in harms way when there is a better outlet?

You honestly do not need a bikini bridge or a thigh gap or a flat stomach to be considered fine. A few months ago, I had only worn my jeans and pants that I owned because I wasn’t comfortable being out in public with the way my thoughts were. I had told my friend that I didn’t want to go to the beach until I had slimmed down more and she thought I was crazy. She had explained to me that I didn’t need to be a stick or need a thigh gap to go to the beach.

So just over a month ago, we went to the beach together. I had worn my bikini and yes, it was weird at first, but I made it through the day without throwing on a pair of clothes. So my point is that you don’t need to be so thin to be beautiful. I feel that it’s what is in the inside that counts the most, because if you’re really rude and not a nice person I am not going to like you. Please tell people that you see that aren’t comfortable with how they look that they are fine just the way they are.

If you really want to slim down, start working out more. So if that means getting a membership at the gym, then get one. You can easily walk around your block. At home, you can easily do push-ups and sit-ups. Jumping jacks are also great. So work out more and you’ll start seeing that you’re starting to slim down.

I also suggest you go on a HEALTHY and LOGICAL diet. So in the morning for breakfast, you can always have either a bowl of fruit, or eggs with avocado, or an acai fruit bowl. For breakfast you can have a cup of milk, juice, or water. For lunch, instead of having a hamburger or pasta, have a tasty salad with avocado, cucumber, tomato, etc. For dinner have a decent sized amount of something you’d like, so like a hamburger with a side of salad or fruit, or some soup with fruit, etc. You can always also have tea instead of coffee and green juices.

If you ever want to snack, have some fruit or some yogurt or a slice of cheese, etc. I recommend you set a time limit in which you won’t eat after that time for the rest of the night. I think that seven-thirty to eight pm is a great time limit. By that time you should’ve already had your dinner and if you haven’t, that’s fine. Eating right before bed isn’t the healthiest choice.

I just listed many ways to slim down and maintain weight without having to starve, binge, purge, etc. Go for a little run when you want. Eat healthy. Do yoga to stretch. Be happy with your body but don’t stress over yourself. You don’t need a bikini bridge or a thigh gap or be a stick.

Whatever size you are, that’s perfectly fine. Whatever weight you are, that is perfectly fine. If you have curves, that is perfectly fine. If you have hips, that is perfectly fine! You are fine just the way you are and please know that. You are beautiful in every single way. You are perfect just the way you are.



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