Life’s Gifts

It’s no secret I’m known to do random things for strangers or give to causes. Now when I say give to causes I don’t mean tons but what I can. I do this because it makes me feel good and I don’t announce when I do it and I never brag. How is it known? Someone is usually with me when I give up something of mine for someone else. They too don’t brag or tell anyone.

1. I grew up not having much. I knew what it was to want what others had but still I see now I had enough. There are people who have nothing.

2. We should all do for others and not say a thing about it. It takes you out of yourself, makes someone feel good, and you in turn feel good.

I’m going through some life things right now. I’m really not me or even thinking right and I received a card from a friend yesterday and it was what was inside that got to me and at first I couldn’t accept it. All the time I do for others, especially right now and I didn’t want to accept someone doing something for me and it made me cry and it made me stop and be grateful that I have friends today who love me for me and see me going through a rough time and reach out just because.

I have to remember for someone so easy to give to others that at times it’s ok to be a receiver of a gift from the people life so graciously puts in it.



4 thoughts on “Life’s Gifts

  1. Try this again, spelled correctly.
    It can be hard to receive, especially when you’re used to being the giver. Try to remember this: A gracious gift can be received graciously. Yes, you can. Big hug

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