Lost The Pre Liam Weight…Even with PCOS!

I did it!  After almost 4 years I’ve hit my Pre Liam weight.  With PCOS it’s much harder to lose weight in the first place and since my hospital stay in early March I think it reset my body a little.  I’ve also cut out totally carbonated anything, no aspartame, and anything processed.  I may have faltered on that a couple of times.

I know all my hard work has paid off.  I hear it almost daily how great I look these days.  I refuse to let PCOS take me over again.  I’ve also cut out all gluten and dairy which has been suggested over and over again.  I’ve been 100% gluten and dairy free for over a year.  No cheating period.  What a difference that makes.

I exercise too.  Not crazy exercise either.  I have girlfriends who I brisk walk and hike with.  There’s nothing wrong with grabbing coffee/tea and going on a brisk walk or going up to the Hollywood Hills and hiking.

If I can do this and keep up with it I know that I can inspire others with PCOS to do this too! So happy!



Your Thoughts?

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