Aquarium of the Pacific

Today the boy & I ventured to Long Beach to The Aquarium of the Pacific. If you are like me taking a 3yr old boy who may or may not have a great day is a gamble. Still, I had a free child admission with paid adult (thanks to daycare) so while the Mr. & Teen headed to Magic Mountain (I won’t link it, doesn’t deserve one) we went to view Nemo and his friends.

I found the following while out:

The pay it forward way of life can turn full circle. I was approached out front and received a free adult ticket. I then gave away my child ticket. Give & Get. Balance.

There is a family restroom making it easier to bring your stroller into a restroom and have toddler use the potty in private.

The best part of the day was the movies shown on the walls of the main entrance. The boy totally enjoyed it.

The gift shop isn’t over priced like so many are.

There are many food options and even someone gluten free and dairy free like myself had options. OK fruit and veggies but it’s something and it’s healthy.

There’s a ton of places to eat just steps away from the Aquarium.

You can take a long walk around the Aquarium. This can help tire out a toddler.

The most important thing I learned is that when the boy needs to go he needs to go so we got to experience our first time pulling over and letting him pee in private near some bushes by the docks. Yes, we had to and it was a real job BUT he didn’t make a mistake & that is what matters!!

I also learned that we had a great time and experienced a new fun place to visit. I think it was a great decision not renewing our Disneyland Passes. I’m looking forward to exploring many more places with the Boy.

The Boy & Penguin Friend

Exploring Fish

Feeding Lorikeets



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