Gratitude through the tired….

One can be totally grateful while totally exhausted.  I’m exhausted.  I cry cooking meals for my children and myself sometimes.  I wish there was a service that could come cook healthy meals for us all.

Reality, that’s not anywhere near what I can do financially, at this moment.  With two rare artery conditions I can get very tired by early evening.  I fell short of breath and just want to rest.

I need rest BUT I push forward to the best of my ability.  I’m also so grateful that I survived and that I have these struggles.  That some days I’m 100% Okay.  Other days I’m not and I’m grateful I get through the bad and enjoy the good.  I’m grateful I have two kids that accept their mom isn’t always 100%.  I’m grateful that through all of this I’m maintaining a A grade level in college full time and able to work too.  I’m grateful I have a partner who does the best he can to support me and love me when I can get really hard on myself.  I’m grateful I have this blog again to hopefully show others we can all walk through life with grace even when it doesn’t feel good.

I’m grateful.  We all need to remember to be in gratitude.  It really does help us through the rough times.


Your Thoughts?

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