Day 120 – My Favorite Surie Ever! – 37th Year Photo/Moi Challenge

My Surie

We met online in very early 2000. We were part of a Yahoo group for moms of babies due in September 2000. We instantly hit it off. One West Coast mom to be and one East Coast mom to be.

We had (Moi) a girl K and (Her) a boy A.

Needless to say I wasn’t in a good place emotionally so I ended up alienating myself from these women but not Surie. We kept in touch. It was like I knew her my whole life.

Fast forward 12 years and we still keep in touch. I love to send her postcards from Disneyland because of her love for Mickey. I love that we can email about anything and say what the other needs to hear. I just adore her.

I’ve grown up a lot in the past 12 years and I’ve finally over the past couple of years have bonded with a lot of those women from the group as well. There are more than 10 of us from the original group in a private group on Facebook now and it’s so nice sharing with each other. I met these women because of Surie as she invited me to the original group.

I hope to one day meet Surie. We should fly to the middle of the US and meet. That would be fun but until we meet we have the Internet and phone calls and cards through the mail.

I’ve found you can have a bond even when you don’t meet someone in “Real Life”

This is a screen capture of one of Surie’s favorite photos of herself. I think she looks great!!



Your Thoughts?

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