Day 38 – Runyon Canyon – Year Photo/Moi Challenge

I love hiking up at Runyon Canyon. Yesterday I had a me day. I needed one and what better way with a solo hike up the canyon and a light jog down?

This time I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I think this is the new way to do things.

The picture I took was as I reached the top. With the glare of the sun I didn’t think I’d get such a great photo but I did.

I also found a couple things interesting on this adventure:

1. There is a “Honor” system at the bottom of the canyon that has water, fruit, etc. and no one watching it. I think that’s pretty awesome and I saw lots on the cart which means I feel it may be respected. I may have to do a post all about honoring the water/food cart. Nice.

2. There is outside Yoga there. I’m more of a private gal when it comes to working out BUT this may be another post as well, you know walking through the fears of working out in public where people watch you and they do because I did.

Until tomorrow enjoy your day!!



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