Polenta Pizza Bites

LOVED these Polenta Pizza Bites I made last night.  With summer here it’s hot out and who really wants to do a lot of prep work in the kitchen.  This was easy to do and I loved it!


Polenta Roll (Trader Joes)

Organic Pizza Sauce

Grilled Chicken (diced into small pieces)

Mozzarella Cheese

Cooking The Pizzas

Heat oven to 400 degrees before starting the prep work

Arrange pizza bites on a baking sheet.  Less is more when it comes to the pizza sauce.  It doesn’t need to be drowned to still taste good.

Bake for 15 minutes or until the cheese is browned on top

Let cool and enjoy!!



Exercise & PCOS

I’ve never been a huge fan of exercise. However; I’ve found those 30 Day Challenges to be a lot of fun because it’s a 30 Day commitment and that’s all.

I posted once on Facebook that I was doing a plank challenge and I had over 10 friends ask to do it with me. This has led to other challenges.

Currently it’s a squat challenge & upper body challenge. Loved a quote I saw

“Squats, because no one ever wrote a song about small butts.”

and…that’s why the squat challenge came about.

I’ve also gotten into jogging again. I fell some time ago and have a fear of falling again since I usually go at 5am but I’m getting over that fear too. I even started the Couch to 5k again to get me comfortable.

With PCOS it’s so discouraging a lot of the time because I can work out and work out and the weight just sticks around. Still, if I keep up with the exercise I feel good about me. Exercise and cutting both gluten & dairy out really do help keep the weight off.

I feel bad for all of us with PCOS it’s a very individual condition. What works for some doesn’t work for others but believe me when I say how much better I feel completing a challenge or finishing a day of jogging.


Couch to 5k Day 2 Complete


Even little cheat sheets to get a small workout in help.

Lost The Pre Liam Weight…Even with PCOS!

I did it!  After almost 4 years I’ve hit my Pre Liam weight.  With PCOS it’s much harder to lose weight in the first place and since my hospital stay in early March I think it reset my body a little.  I’ve also cut out totally carbonated anything, no aspartame, and anything processed.  I may have faltered on that a couple of times.

I know all my hard work has paid off.  I hear it almost daily how great I look these days.  I refuse to let PCOS take me over again.  I’ve also cut out all gluten and dairy which has been suggested over and over again.  I’ve been 100% gluten and dairy free for over a year.  No cheating period.  What a difference that makes.

I exercise too.  Not crazy exercise either.  I have girlfriends who I brisk walk and hike with.  There’s nothing wrong with grabbing coffee/tea and going on a brisk walk or going up to the Hollywood Hills and hiking.

If I can do this and keep up with it I know that I can inspire others with PCOS to do this too! So happy!