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Day 14 – Cold Moon

The final full moon of the decade. The night to make intentions and to let go of what holds me back. Good thoughts and wants for those I love and most importantly for me. Little ritual in the back yard. Just what was needed… Continue Reading “Day 14 – Cold Moon”

Day 8 – All Due to a Christmas Card…

I’m on a limited budget and have 10 Christmas cards that I set aside for family and some close friends who to me, are like family. Doing these cards has brought up feelings I have toward some of my family. Part of me wanted… Continue Reading “Day 8 – All Due to a Christmas Card…”

Day 2 ~ Being Appreciated

Today I bring you a post about appreciation. Who do we appreciate and how do we show it? At the wee hour of 1am my boyfriend woke me to tell me why he was grateful for me. Well, one of the reasons. I support… Continue Reading “Day 2 ~ Being Appreciated”

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