Mom on a Budget & Holidays Approaching…

The holidays are approaching and the anxiety of “Will I be able to pull this off” is approaching at a quick pace.

It’s no secret until I’m done with school I’m pretty much broke.  I also have a eight year old boy who may not get that I want to make him gifts or get him practical things.  My eighteen year old is super understanding and she knows that me being back at school is truly making financial sacrifices at this moment.

The guilt I feel that their father can do for them gets to me a lot.  It gets to me a lot that I put him first, put him through school and didn’t do for me BUT that was my choice.  A choice I’ve learned that I can’t undo but I can learn from my mistakes and know I won’t put anyone other than my kids first because I deserve good too.

So, now that we know the reason I’m in this situation is because of choices I made all I can do is get what I can, sacrifice things I may need until after the holidays, look on eBay for used items that I can make look like they’re from Santa (Santa gifts come ready to go) and make my kids feel so loved.

I’ve learned money doesn’t buy happiness and I’m going to work towards this Christmas to show both my children that the holidays are about family and being together.  It’s not always about the shiny new things that kids forget about too quickly.

What are ways you make the holidays easier or less exe pensive for your family?