Day 3…Good to my Body

I’m finding that cutting dairy, gluten, grains, and sugar…and coffee that I feel so much better and I don’t feel tired a lot. It’s a great feeling. So today I bring a photo of my find at my local farmers market today. It’s always nice to support local farmers and vendors. 

Until tomorrow…..


Lite Summer Salad – PCOS Friendly

I was craving a salad yesterday and I thought I would share the recipe here on my blog.  It’s very simple and easy to make and very PCOS Friendly.  I don’t have dairy or gluten so this is a great salad and a EVOO/Vinegar dressing too.





Turkey Pepperoni


Salad Dressing

1 Tbsp EVOO

2 Tbsp Rice Vinegar

Garlic Salt

(Alter the dressing amount by how much salad you make but remember 2 to 1 in measuring the olive oil and vinegar)

Simply mix all together and enjoy.  I don’t keep track of calories and I heard a great thing once….If you have to count calories it probably has a label.  Today I try and stay away from food with labels.