I Get Weak Too

Today is brought to you by candy from Sugarfina. Their candy is like a little piece of heaven. As my good friend puts it “It’s a party in your mouth” and one of the reasons why exercising with PCOS is so important. I’m not perfect, by far BUT I’ve learned I can’t always deprive myself of anything yummy. I don’t eat gluten or dairy so a treat at times is needed.

With PCOS what you eat really isn’t processed right and a slice of bread for me is like a loaf of bread for someone without the insulin issues.

I want women to know you can have treats from time to time and I pick and choose carefully when and what I have.

Just because I jog two plus miles per day doesn’t give me the right to eat whatever I want. Especially with PCOS this is so true.

So if you’re weak at times don’t beat yourself up. PCOS makes me so hard on myself and I have to remember I didn’t ask for this disease.

Here’s my weakness and if you’re in either the Beverly Hills or Glendale areas of California I say take a moment and visit Sugarfina which has the most amazing candy EVER!!



Exercise & PCOS

I’ve never been a huge fan of exercise. However; I’ve found those 30 Day Challenges to be a lot of fun because it’s a 30 Day commitment and that’s all.

I posted once on Facebook that I was doing a plank challenge and I had over 10 friends ask to do it with me. This has led to other challenges.

Currently it’s a squat challenge & upper body challenge. Loved a quote I saw

“Squats, because no one ever wrote a song about small butts.”

and…that’s why the squat challenge came about.

I’ve also gotten into jogging again. I fell some time ago and have a fear of falling again since I usually go at 5am but I’m getting over that fear too. I even started the Couch to 5k again to get me comfortable.

With PCOS it’s so discouraging a lot of the time because I can work out and work out and the weight just sticks around. Still, if I keep up with the exercise I feel good about me. Exercise and cutting both gluten & dairy out really do help keep the weight off.

I feel bad for all of us with PCOS it’s a very individual condition. What works for some doesn’t work for others but believe me when I say how much better I feel completing a challenge or finishing a day of jogging.


Couch to 5k Day 2 Complete


Even little cheat sheets to get a small workout in help.

Lost The Pre Liam Weight…Even with PCOS!

I did it!  After almost 4 years I’ve hit my Pre Liam weight.  With PCOS it’s much harder to lose weight in the first place and since my hospital stay in early March I think it reset my body a little.  I’ve also cut out totally carbonated anything, no aspartame, and anything processed.  I may have faltered on that a couple of times.

I know all my hard work has paid off.  I hear it almost daily how great I look these days.  I refuse to let PCOS take me over again.  I’ve also cut out all gluten and dairy which has been suggested over and over again.  I’ve been 100% gluten and dairy free for over a year.  No cheating period.  What a difference that makes.

I exercise too.  Not crazy exercise either.  I have girlfriends who I brisk walk and hike with.  There’s nothing wrong with grabbing coffee/tea and going on a brisk walk or going up to the Hollywood Hills and hiking.

If I can do this and keep up with it I know that I can inspire others with PCOS to do this too! So happy!