Day 14 – Cold Moon

The final full moon of the decade. The night to make intentions and to let go of what holds me back. Good thoughts and wants for those I love and most importantly for me. Little ritual in the back yard. Just what was needed to remind me of what’s important.

Days 12 & 13 – Blogging & Social Media

I’ve found if I stray from my normal day to day that I may miss out on doing the things that fill me up. As little as it may be to some, blogging for me feels like home. When I blog I hope to help others with PCOS or others who may have gone through SCAD. I miss my old blog. I miss what it was and how safe I felt with it.

That’s the thing. Blogging and other forms of social media should feel safe for everyone who uses them. No one should feel that they are censored to speak about what they want to. No one should feel that they may offend anyone or be yelled at or threatened for blogging or using social media.

I still live in fear that someone, a certain someone will read my blog and accuse me of using it to belittle them when it’s not true. First off if my blog offends you don’t read it. If you don’t like what I do on social media, again don’t interact with me. This is my place and I’m feeling more empowered to do this. I’m not going to stop. Tomorrow will be day 14 of 366 days of blogging down. Yes, 366 days because it’s a leap year in 2020. I’m going to finish this challenge and by the end I hope I find my security within my blog and really know it’s OK to do and to be me.