Day 1…In a time of Covid-19

Today was a total self care day. I did a lot of nothing. I did accomplish the following: 1. Went by work at 7 am and picked up work and office items so I could work from home. We’ve gone there. 2. Prepared for my school week. I need to complete my courses. One dayContinue reading “Day 1…In a time of Covid-19”

One Week – Maybe I’m Back For Good?

Once upon a time, I had a blog, I had an awesome blog dedicated to family, living with PCOS, cooking and baking gluten-free and dairy-free, etc. I felt so good about my blog. I was contacted to write for other blogs and I felt good. Rewind to the end of 2015 and almost half ofContinue reading “One Week – Maybe I’m Back For Good?”