Day 4 ~ When it Sits Too Long it’s Not Needed

Since the “event” I’ve not had the urge to remove things from my car. I am so tired when I arrive home. I’m so good at cleaning it but in my trunk I’ve collected items that were meant to be brought in. I’m so tired due to the heart stuff so I just didn’t do anything but earlier today it hit me that if it’s been sitting there all this time then maybe I don’t miss it or need it. So the purge of 2017 happened and I donated most of it. Today I saw how freeing it was to let go of what I thought I need. So…they say Spring Cleaning is a thing and now it’s time to purge my home. Maybe not but I have good intentions. It’s like life, maybe we need to let go of what we don’t really need to feel lighter and free. Until tomorrow…

Day 3…Good to my Body

I’m finding that cutting dairy, gluten, grains, and sugar…and coffee that I feel so much better and I don’t feel tired a lot. It’s a great feeling. So today I bring a photo of my find at my local farmers market today. It’s always nice to support local farmers and vendors. 

Until tomorrow…..

Day 2 ~ Music

I’ve pretty much healed from all that happened. I’ve so moved on. However some music still to this day I can’t listen to. No Coldplay. It will randomly come on and I’ll remember things I don’t want to. Things I thought I got past. 

It’s interesting how something like a song can bring up feelings. The difference now is that I don’t cry and I know I did the best I could. There’s no playing the song on repeat to hurt hunt. 

I bet there’s music for all that brings up feelings that aren’t good. I’m sure as well that there’s music that just makes us all smile or dance in our cars or around our homes. 

In short I’m grateful for where I am in my life today and that the tears have stopped. Healing is different for all and music played a big part for me. 

Until tomorrow….

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