It’s True…

I suffer from White Privilage. I don’t have to worry about getting pulled over, I don’t get watched in stores, when I walk down the street people don’t walk past me in fear, I don’t worry about my kids being harassed. 

Is this right? No. 

No one should ever feel fear because of the color of their skin, what religion they are, or because of their sexual orientation. 

Hatred is taught. Small children aren’t born hating anyone. There’s a lot of hate on Social Media and the news today here in the United States. It isn’t just here. In multiple countries people are being killed, tortured, or persecuted because they don’t fit what extremists believe they should be. 

We need to support our fellow man more. When I say I don’t understand why things are the way they are I hear it’s because I’m a white woman. Why would I? That doesn’t mean I don’t care how others are treated and I don’t understand why people are treated so poorly or singled out. 

My grandfather was a racist. Out spoken racist and I grew up hating that about him. I have to remember he was taught Hatred and though that doesn’t make it okay it shows me how much hatred it taught. 

Today alone I read about American Nazis, a hotel requiring Jewish people to shower before entering the pool, and saw someone refer to a certain race with a word that is unacceptable. It doesn’t matter if I’m white or not. I know this is wrong. 

It’s sad that I fear posting this on social media because of the backlash I could receive or any hate commented BUT this is my blog and my right with free speech to post how I feel. 

To finish, I don’t care where you live or who you are…be kind. Treat all equally. Don’t fear what you don’t know. Don’t listen to hate. Don’t feed hate with more hate. Help minorities. Support Minority run businesses in your area. Just be a good person. A little kindness I believe can go a long way. 


Your Thoughts?

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