If I can do it…you can too…..

Today I ran my first 10k race at The Happiest Place on Earth. Yep, Disneyland with one of my bestest friends Lynn. Here’s a few things about today that really stood out:

1. Anyone can do this race. It’s Disneyland. Sure there are people in it to be number 1 BUT there were so many photo opportunities that you could really jog, take a break at a photo op, and jog again. That being said…

2. I saw people in wheelchairs being pushed, people with leg braces walking, people you knew only could walk, etc. There is no reason with the support of a friend or loved one you wouldn’t be able to finish. It’s more about having fun.

3. Wear the right socks. This I don’t think I did. I wear my comfy socks most of the time and have some running socks (I forgot) and well there’s a reason there are running socks.

4. Water. Your best friend.

5. Have fun, don’t judge yourself, and know you just accomplished something you never had done before.

Oh and meeting Jeff Galloway with Run Disney was awesome and getting his advice on running was a bonus.

I did it. I ran this 10k and chalked this up as another “PCOS won’t keep me down” moment.


DIY Thank You’s in the Spirit of Halloween

My son is a preschool boy and I like doing nice things for his teachers.  I’m also so not a domestic goddess so I have to keep it simple, something I can do and not stress over and where I didn’t have the store gift wrap it for me.

This year I decided to give little spa gifts.  I mean I really feel teachers don’t enjoy getting tons of homemade goodies or chocolate.  I could be wrong but I’ve found non food items to be a bigger hit.

All you need to create a simple “Thank You” is:

  • Items purchased you want to give as the gift.
  • Brown paper lunch bag.  I have SOOOOO many from when our daughter was in elementary school that I try and recycle these often.
  • Labels created online.  Yes, I find a label and make it myself.  I always find free ones.
  • Crafter’s Glue
  • Adhesive Ribbon.  Didn’t include it in the supplies pic but in the finished project you can see it.  Basically anything you want to add.

Simply assemble and you have the perfect little Halloween gift.  I did add more for the main teacher and used some bigger items.  I did throw in a few kisses (hersheys that is) but it’s nice to let the teachers know they’re appreciated.

If this Un-Domestic Goddess can do this then anyone can.


Day 279 – Salem Cemetery – 37th Year Photo/Moi Challenge

This photo reminds me of my visit Salem. I loved my visit though finding out more about the witch hunts made me sad to think people wanting land did such horrible things to each other. Disturbing to learn about the conditions these people who were being held had to endure.

Still it was a beautiful place to visit. This was a very old cemetery and it was small and a bit rundown but I did capture a few great photos.