Day 31 – 1 Month Down

One month down and eleven more to go. I don’t know where this blog is going to go. I do know I cleaned it up and got rid of all my acting out over the past year since I was fighting change. 

I’ve learned more about me this past month. I learned:

I’m sensitive and can be too sensitive. 

I need to talk better about myself. I’m stronger than I realize. My words about myself are strong and I need to be careful what I say about myself. 

I’m smart and going back to school this year and I resist change and have to stop. I just need to have faith I can. 

I’m a awesome mother and my kids love me no matter what.

Healing can be hard and dating your ex husband can be exciting and scary. 

I’m a work in process. 

My photo today is words. I’ve seen that being there for others and stepping outside of me is healing too. That we never know what another is going through and to think of others. 

Until tomorrow…


Day 1

366 new days. New photos. New thoughts. New ways for me to express growth and who I’m becoming. Growth isn’t over night. It isn’t always easy or graceful. However; it happens if I keep doing the work. Taking this next year to feel safe writing and blogging again and enjoying the journey. Even if it doesn’t always feel good. 

Today I bring  you my constant for the last 18 years. One of my best friends. Through good and bad we never give up on each other and I’m so grateful to call her my friend. 

I was 40 last weekend and today ends my birthday celebrations out and what better person to end it with. 

Welcome 2016!!


National Geographic & Moi

I submitted a photo to National Geographic. I thought why not. Turns out a editor loved it and featured it on their blog. Sometimes it’s the little things that make me Uber Happy on a Wednesday.

My Five Minutes of Fame

Yes, I’m Doing That….

I know shocking that I’ve started out 2014 full force which means not much here but know my blog this year will be insightful and interesting to….I hope:

Women with PCOS, Moms/Dads of Teen Girls possessed by some strange crazy force causing them to talk loud and be evil (not really but boy they will act a bit evil), Moms/Dads of Young Boys who know they’re turning their mothers hair gray from sheer Superhero syndrome, Crafters, and those with Gluten & Dairy Allergies…OH and anyone who may catch a post that can relate to them.

For example of some things coming up…..

My review of the book “Let’s Get This Party Started” by Soleil Moon Frye.  I received it from the MoonFrye team with I’ve loved how into the the community they are of us moms who enjoy apps and crafts.  Even moms like me with really not a creative bone in me but willing to see what comes of my crafting adventures.

Recipes OH my and ones that a super busy mom can handle in short periods of time that have to taste good too because they, we are all picky eaters.

Reviews of different 3 Yr. Old Superhero activities out and around So. Cal.  Getting rid of our Disneyland pass….A bit freeing and leaves time to explore.

How to budget and organize without going crazy because you’re too busy to put much effort into it.

Fighting PCOS one day at a time and the little tricks along the way. First up though running my first 10k tomorrow.  Jogging a way to fight my PCOS and running with my oldest and dearest friend is a added bonus.

You get it….I really want to make this the blog someone can turn to if they live a crazy life like mine.  Between work, A Teenager, A Little Boy, and Husband with a business I’m always on the go but I love the idea of keeping this blog and sharing my “Don’t make it too difficult secrets” along the way.

Stay tuned for 2014……

Day 312 – Life – 37th Year Photo/Moi Challenge

My big full life….

It’s weird since my surgery I’ve been doing less of my blog.  Maybe because I’m still healing and at night I’m just done for but I miss it.  I really want a great blog.  I want a blog people can come to for Gluten Free ideas, Dairy Free Goodies, DIY the simple way, etc.  This year has been more of this challenge.  Do post something with a image every day for 365 days.

I feel over the past 312 days I’ve grown so much.  I’m less anal, I breathe more, take things less personally, and I’m kinder to me.  Life is short, enjoy it.

This photo today is from Sunday.  I was having my kids 3 year and 13 year photos taken and I saw this on Pinterest (the idea, the cute boy is mine) and this was a test shot to see if it was something I’d like to use.  It was a hit and yes we did some shots like this.  Can’t wait to see the professional ones.

My point today is I’m not beating myself up over missing days.  I am making a commitment to finish out the end of my 37th year with more meaningful posts.  Trying to find and capture moments.  I’ve done great on this challenge and I’ll be 38 in less than two months so I will enjoy the rest of this challenge.

Until tomorrow.


Saying Thanks…The Busy Mommy Way

I grew up not sending Thank You’s.  We did however always say Thank You but didn’t send a card. I’ve learned it’s the proper thing to do. This took some time to see people enjoy getting a thank you when they give you gifts…or do they? I’ll be honest when I say that I read the Thank You’s I receive but I don’t cherish these little notes sent to me. They usually end up in the trash or I take off the cover if it’s something I can use later and You all need to be honest that for the most part your Thank You’s end up in the same place…even if displayed for a bit.

Super Secret Liam Pants turned 3. He had a great party and all the kids had a ton of fun at Joey’s Gym.

Thank You’s had to be sent.

My first thought and yes, the first batch went using a app called Ink and included a piece of art Liam created turned into a Thank You laminated post card that was sent to the first half of those who came to Liam’s party. Basically those I had physical addresses for then and there when I was making the Thank You’s.

Now my intention was to contact the rest on the list and get their physical addresses too BUT I remembered I had credit with Paperless Post and well I have all the email addresses there and I could sent email Thank You’s and be a little green, save time, and still take the time to say Thank You.

After all is said and done I sent out all the Thank You’s and I hope everyone knows how much Mr. Secret Liam Pants enjoyed his party with his awesome friends and family….I learned that I don’t have to be the perfect mom and sit there writing out Thank You cards and that no one told me I have to be that perfect mother and really no mother is perfect but we are all great moms in our own way.  Even busy working moms who try and be domestic goddesses from time to time.


The “Ink” Thank You


The “Paperless Post” Thank You

Day 113 – Night – 37th Year Photo/Moi Challenge

Tonight as I went to my car for my phone charger I looked up into the cloudless sky and saw Stars. Not like those seen in Big Bear, CA up in the mountains where you can swear all the stars are right at your finger tips but stars and not the best photo but you can see the moon so just picture a sky filled with beautiful stars and a bright moon.